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Do you need to insure your new car or require a quotation on your current policy?  Talk to us, our motor car insurance policy is designed to keep you moving.


Our motor car insurance policy offers great cover and great value. It protects you, your vehicle, your legal liability towards your passengers, pedestrians and third party property.


It also includes FREE Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Service in all Europe.  The 24/7 call centre may be reached on 2248 0204.

We assure you that our dedicated staff handle claims efficiently and promptly.  If you’re looking for a service that is second-to-none, we’re here to help.

FREE VRT or equivalent DISCOUNT

with a NEW Motor Insurance Policy (terms and conditions apply)

FREE Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Service

on vehicles which do not exceed 3500 Kg

70% No Claims Discount in only 4 YEARS

for third party fire & theft policies

Discounts and Benefits


As a valued Bonnici Insurance/Mapfre Middlesea policyholder, you may take advantage of the following discounts

  • 15% introductory discount with a new motor policy.  This applies to drivers over 21 years of age who have not yet built up their No Claim Discount and have not had any claims in the past 2 years
  • 10% discount for One Person Driving (25 years of age and over, on Comprehensive cover only)
  • 7.5% discount for Two Named Persons only driving (25 years of age and over, on Comprehensive cover only)
  • 10% discount if you have more than one vehicle insured with the company
  • Between 10% to 20% voluntary excesses (Comprehensive cover only)
  • 10% discount if you have a Home Insurance Policy with the company
  • Between 10% to 17.5% Shareholders Discount (depending on the amount of shares you hold)
  • 10% discount if you have a Baby Bond Life Insurance and/or other Middlesea Valletta Savings Plans


  • When claiming for third party damages only, no excess applies for drivers over 18 years of age
  • Reduced minimum premiums
  • Improved no claims discounts
  • Reduction of excesses for various age categories
  • Issuing of Car Licences together with your insurance documentation
  • One policy for all classes of vehicles


(depending on type of cover taken)

  • Free Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Service for all policies
  • Free 30 Day Extension in the EU for Comprehensive and Fire & Theft policies
  • Personal Accident for all passengers
  • Legal Assistance for uninsured losses
  • Emergency Overnight Accommodation outside Malta
  • Courtesy Vehicle
  • Personal Belongings
  • Loss of Keys
  • Increased Medical Expenses
  • Glass Breakage
  • Entertainment Equipment
  • Use by the Motor, Hotel or Restaurant Trade

OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS at an additional premium

  • Protected No Claims Discount – available for all covers
  • Earthquake Cover – available for Comprehensive policyholders only

24/7 Service


The FULL Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Service cover includes assistance anywhere in Europe.  

To make use of this Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Service you may reach our 24/7 Call Centre on 2248 0204

Our standard Motor policy includes free Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Service provided by Middlesea Assist Limited. The assistance services include the following:

  • Repair on the spot following mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Battery boost and flat tyre assistance
  • Towing of motor vehicle following a breakdown or accident
  • Second delivery service if the vehicle breaks down during the night, on a weekend or public holiday
  • Transportation of vehicle occupants
  • Flat tyre assistance
  • Fuel delivery (limited to 1 service per policy period)
  • Locksmith service (limited to 1 service per policy period)

These free ASSISTANCE services are available on motor vehicles:

  • insured under a valid Mapfre Middlesea Private or Commercial or Motor Cycle Policy
  • with a weight not exceeding 3,500kg
  • using petrol or diesel as fuel or classified as hybrids or electric

Hints and Tips


Do not state that the accident was your fault, do not blame the other party and do not argue – keep calm.

  • If there are casualties call an ambulance immediately. If there are injured persons or if government property is involved, call the police.
    Emergency telephone number for Ambulance or Police is 112.
  • Traffic accident not bumper to bumper? Call the local wardens on 21320202 and remember: DO NOT MOVE THE VEHICLES until they have taken details!
  • Always keep a Front-to-Rear collision form in your motor vehicle.
  • If you have a camera with you, take photographs of the scene of the accident.
  • Keep a note of the following Third Party details: name, address, telephone number, vehicle registration number, the insurer, type of cover and policy number.
  • Keep a note of names and contact details of witnesses including passengers.
  • Advise us of the accident on the same day it occurs if this is possible.


  • Don’t place a child in front of an active airbag because they are made to protect adults, not children.
  • Keep weather and road conditions in mind when driving and always wear your seat belt!
  • Do not mix medicine and alcohol – they can impair driving skills.
  • Always remove the ignition key when you get out of the car, even when parking in your own drive or at a petrol station.
  • Never leave a window or sunroof open, even when just going into a shop for a moment or two.
  • Don’t leave any belongings showing in your car, a thief won’t know that a bag or coat doesn’t contain something valuable and might break a window to get to it.
  • Never leave credit cards or cheque books in the glove compartment.
  • If you can, leave the car in a locked garage, if not try to park in a well-lit, open space. If you have an anti-theft device, use it every time you park, if not consider fitting one.

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