Going for an Easter break? A useful tip to keep your home safe…

Going for an Easter break? A useful tip to keep your home safe…

If we’ve learned anything in the last decade, it’s that the Internet does not discriminate by intention. Pedophiles, hackers and burglars get access like everybody else.

Scary, web-users are a fact of modern life that most of us only have to deal with in a peripheral way – unless we’re too open with sensitive information. And unless we’re unaware of which information is sensitive!

Like our vacation plans.

Seems harmless enough: We update our Facebook status to let our friends know we’ve arrived in Rome for two weeks of adventure. We Tweet our intention to meet up for a day of skiing. We post real-time photos of our roadtrip on Google Buzz. We like to share.

The problem is, we can’t be entirely sure with whom we’re sharing. It’s not hard to eavesdrop on social-networking applications, so a robber holding a black ski mask and lock pick could be finding out we’re in Rome, on a ski slope or driving cross-country – finding out he or she could break in with no chance of being interrupted.  Unless the neighbors are particularly alert and involved, of course.

So keep your whereabouts OFF the social networks and ON your neighbors’ radar.