Contesting traffic fines has gone online

Disgruntled motorists will be able to contest traffic tickets at the click of a mouse button, thanks to an online petitioning system unveiled yesterday.

Previously, the only way of appealing a traffic contravention was to write and post a letter to the petitions board or turn up and face the tribunal. Those yet to make the leap online will still be able to contest tickets by writing a letter.

“There still isn’t enough public awareness about the possibility of contesting traffic contraventions. Hopefully, this system will help change that,” Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici said yesterday.

Motorists have contested almost 100,000 traffic tickets since 2006, with about 60 per cent of contestations being upheld. Almost 7,000 contraventions were contested in the first four months of 2012 already.

Dr Mifsud Bonnici said the online system would make petitioning easier, cut paperwork and make data analysis of contravention petitions possible.

He augured that the system would lead to an increase in petitions and said the petitions board was well equipped to handle the shift to online petitioning.

Using the new online system requires petitioners to complete a straightforward registration process at Registering does not require an e-ID.

Having registered, motorists can key in their reasons for contesting and upload any relevant documents or images as well as track the status of their petition.

They will receive an e-mail acknowledging their contestation within two working days, with a definite ruling on their petition within four to six weeks.

Petitioners asked to provide supplementary information or documentation supporting their claim will be able to upload the necessary documents using the online system.