Don’t Let Floods Drown Your Financial Stability – 12.10.09

Don’t Let Floods Drown Your Financial Stability

With seasonal flooding right around the corner, we want to remind homeowners that flooding is a major natural disaster and that just a couple inches of water can do thousands of euros of damage to a home. Unfortunately, without a proper home insurance policy, many homeowners will find out too late that they’re not financially protected against water damage and may have to spend their savings to repair or replace damaged property and contents.

There is peace of mind and security when one has an insurance policy which covers what is probably the most costly asset from floods and other perils. The premium is minimal when considering the benefits, in fact, it is a minor fraction of the value that is being protected.

MYTH: If you don’t live in a flood zone you are not at risk of flooding.
FACT: You do not have to live near water to suffer damage caused by a flood. Floods can be caused by many things such as heavy rain, inadequate or overloaded drainage systems, storms, etc.

Taking out a Home Insurance policy has recently become easier. For your convenience we offer an online application form and we can provide you with a quotation based on a few relatively basic details that you can complete in just a couple of minutes!

If you are an existing motor client with the company, a 10% DISCOUNT will be given on EV