Accidents Abroad – 17.07.09

If you are travelling by car (or by any other motor vehicle) abroad, it is advisable that you check your motor insurance well ahead of the date on which you propose to travel. If you fail to make this check, you could incur additional expenses if you have an accident abroad.

Minimum Third Party Cover

All insurance policies issued in Malta automatically provide the minimum liability cover required by law in all the 25 European Union countries as well as Norway, Iceland, Croatia and Switzerland.

A Green Card is still recommended when travelling within the European Union

When driving in the above-mentioned countries, the availability of a Green Card is not strictly required since the national Registration Plate on your vehicle serves as confirmation that the vehicle satisfies the minimum compulsory third party insurance cover required by the country being visited.

Nevertheless, a Green Card can serve as an instantly recognisable proof of third party insurance at the site of an accident when travelling abroad. Alternatively, in lieu of a Green Card, you should carry your certificate of motor insurance when travelling to countries within the European Union.

No automatic extension for own damage

The automatic cover provided by your Maltese insurance policy is limited to damages which you occasion to third parties. Your policy will not cover loss or damage to your own vehicle whilst motoring overseas.

When travelling abroad, you may wish to retain the same insurance protection you enjoy in Malta. You may therefore enquire with your insurer if you wish to extend your Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft cover to overseas.

It is therefore highly recommended that, before leaving your country, you consult your insurer on the matter.

It is equally recommended that you obtain details of your Insurer’s Nominated Representative(s) as well as of the national Green Card Bureau of the country / countries you will be visiting / transiting.

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