Are you a parent? Would you like to encourage your child to drive safely?  If you answered yes to the above, then we have a solution for you!

We offer MotorMax to our 18 – 30 year-old clients,  an innovative motor insurance product that promotes driver’s safety.   The concept is simple – a telematics device will be installed in your car.  This device will inform us about how well you drive by giving us your MotorMax Factor.

Motormax drivers can drive with greater peace of mind knowing that their cars can be localised in case of an accident – the telematics device senses a strong impact on the vehicle and will send an alert to our call centre, Mapfre Assist. Our trained team of representatives will then call on your mobile phone to check if you are ok and to determine whether any emergency services are required. If we are unable to reach you, emergency services will be alerted and directed to the location of the accident, potentially saving lives.

With Christmas just round the corner, why not give the gift of safety to your child? Sometimes the best gifts can’t be seen!